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Conveniently located beside the Macpherson MRT Station (Exit B), our studio offers an affordable venue for photoshoots and video production.

Featuring a 6 meter wide cyclorama wall, up to 15 meters shooting depth, an fully equipped with lightings and other essential equipment for your production needs.

Getting Started
1. Register a free account.
2. Login with your credentials at the top of this page.
3. Book a date, specify a start and end time.
4. Turn up on that day, make payment and start shooting!
(We do not take telephone bookings)
Images of the studio


$ 40 /hr
$50/hr (8am-9am, 7pm-12am)
$100/hr (12am-8am)
$280 (8 hour block between 9am-7pm)

Sat-Sun & Public Holidays

$ 50 /hr
$60/hr (8am-9am, 7pm-12am)
$120/hr (12am-8am)
$350 (8 hour block between 9am-7pm)


Minimum 2 hours reservation.
Operating Hours - 24hrs



Studio Monolight 1000W x 1
Studio Monolight 600W x 4
Studio Monolight 500W x 1
Studio Monolight 400W x 2
* Includes radio triggers

LED EF-150 Light 150W x 2
LED EF-100 Light 100W x 2
LED Fresnel 200W x 1
LED Panel 1'x1' 50W x 2
LED Ring Light 18" x 1


- 60x60cm x 1
- 60x90cm x 3
- 22x92cm x 2 (gridded)
- 35x140cm x 2 (gridded)
- 100x100cm x 1
- 90cm octagon x 1 (gridded)
- 120cm octagon x 1 (gridded)
- 150cm octagon x 1 (gridded)
Beauty Dishes w/grid
- 40cm, 50cm, 70cm
86" Parabolic Umbrella (Silver) x 1
Hard Reflectors
V-flats - White & Black
Heavy Duty Boom Stands x 2
C-Stands x 6
Wind Machine
Smoke Machine (separate charge)


White Cyclorama - 6m Wide
Savage Paper - Black
Savage Paper - Thunder Grey
Savage Paper - Primary Red
Savage Paper - Baby Blue
Savage Paper - Coral
Savage Paper - Canary
Savage Paper - Bone
Savage Paper - Mocha
Savage Paper - Cocoa
Savage Paper - Orchid
Savage Paper - Orange
Savage Paper - Tech Green (Chroma)
Savage Paper - Studio Blue (Chroma)
Various Muslin Backgrounds


Long Studio Depth (6m x 15m)
Makeup Area
Changing Area
Sound System
Various Apple Boxes
Luxurious Sofa & Other Furnitures
Clothing Racks & Hangers
Tethering Table
Fridge w/ Beverages for Sale

Furniture & Props

Options that will incur additional fees

Drinks $1 / item
Photographer's Assistant $15 / hr (enquire for availability in advance)
Lighting Director $50 / setup (enquire for availability in advance)
Cleaning Fee $50 (chargable if studio not returned to its original state)
Damage to Paper Backdrop $20 onwards
Damage to Equipment Full Payment at Market Price
Please read our Terms & Conditions before proceeding.

Virtual Tour

Use your mouse to pan and rotate, scroll wheel to zoom.
We are now open 24hrs for bookings!