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Studio Reservation System

Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum reservation period is 2 hours.
  2. The User should confirm availability of equipment and other additional rental items in advance.
  3. Start time is based on slot reservation timing, not the time of arrival.
  4. Studio usage time includes makeup, lighting setup, testing and tear-down time.
  5. Full payment applies even if the session ends eariler than reservation time.
  6. Extension of session is subject to availability.

  7. The User is responsible for any damages or repairs required to the studio and its equipment during the period of rental.
  8. At the end of the rental period, the User must return the studio to his original condition. All equipment should be returned to its original location, and all waste to be removed by the User.

  9. The User shall indemnify and hold the Studio not responsible for any liability, loss, cost, expense or damages to any person, equipment, props, substances, services, procedures and/or operations in or around the Studio arising from the use of the Studio.
  10. The User shall maintain, at User's expense, any worker's compensation insurance and public liability and property damage insurance, insuring against all liability of User for the use of the studio and its equipment.
  11. The Studio may take visual and/or audio recordings of the User and other participants during the usage of the Studio for the purpose of promotional purposes. The User's consent is assumed to be granted unless otherwise indicated by the User prior to the start of the reservation period.

  12. The Studio is not sound-proofed and is not suitable for high quality audio recordings. User should deploy suitable audio recording equipment to minimise ambient noise generated by the surrounding environment.
  13. Throwing of any form of powder substances or liquid during the usage of the Studio is strictly not allowed.